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Building Grid Centre Line Marking


• The process of laying out (or setting out) a building or structure is an important part of surveying, as it enables the works to proceed on site exactly according to the prepared designs.
• Accurate setting out is fundamental part of the construction works, and errors can be very expensive and time consuming to correct.
• It should only be undertaken by competent persons, and all work should be thoroughly checked, preferably by different personnel.
• The position and orientation of the structure is generally described in architect's or engineer’s drawings and defining precisely how the layout should be arranged.
• Works necessary to create required levels may also have been completed before the layout process begins.

Building layout

• For a simple building layout, such as a rectangle, the outline of the building is marked by cord fixed to corner posts.
• Corner posts are usually 50 x 50 mm timber posts driven firmly into the ground, with a nail in the post’s centre.
• The outline may be marked on the ground with dry lime or similar powder. Timber profile boards can be used at the corners.
• Profile boards are typically between 0.6-1 m in height and comprise two 50 x 50 mm posts driven at least 600 mm into the ground, with a 150 x 38 mm crossboard.

Basic Survey

• Cadastral Survey
• GPS, RTK, DGPS Survey
• Final Location Survey
• Contour Survey
• Drawing Digitization
• Construction Survey

• Pipeline Survey
• Topographical Survey
• Land Survey
• Other Services
• Road Survey
• Railway Survey

• Airport Road Survey
• Dam Survey
• Bridge Survey
• Hill Survey
• River Survey
• Engineering Survey

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