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“ I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee. “ (Job 42:2)

Earth work Quantity & Volume Calculation

Quantity Survey of minerals at various industrial plants stock yards, mines and in sea ports:

• Quantity Survey involves assessment of Stocks of various Minerals such as Coal, Iron Ore, Gypsum, Lime Stone, Silicon, etc. stored in any Stock Yard and / or Power, Steel and Cements Plants, Sea Ports.
• The quantity of stocks will be indicated in Metric Ton. Stock Auditing and to assess its value, it is imperative to conduct physical assessment of quantity of Minerals.
• To weigh Minerals as per stock availability and within specified time, the methodology followed by Sunstar Surveys helps to save time and to get more accurate volume stock assessment.
• Our system of operation enables the client to arrive at the quantity of the minerals within the stipulated time limit. The volume arrived at in Cu. Meter is converted into Metric Ton.
• The stock assessment calculates,
             (a) Volume of Minerals.
             (b) Density of Minerals.
             (c) Tonnage of Minerals.

Quantity Survey – Earth Cutting and Filling:

• To make level of the landed property which is elevated or undulated shape, it requires either extraction of earth from a desired extent or earth filling for construction activities.
• The quantity of earth so required will be arrived at by taking the levels of extraction/filling of earth by using Total Station Instrument.
• Sunstar Surveys take up this job with their expertise in this field and submit very reliable report to the client.

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