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Route Survey

Route Survey

• The term route survey refers to surveys necessary for the location and construction of lines of transportation or communication that continue across country for some distance, such as highways, railroads, open-conduit systems, pipelines, and power lines. Generally, the preliminary survey for this work takes the form of a topographic survey.
• In the final stage, the work may consist of the following:
             Locating the center line, usually marked by stakes at 100-ft intervals called stations.
             Determining elevations along and across the center line for plotting profile and cross sections.
             Computing the volumes of earthwork and preparing a mass diagram.
             Locating right-of-way boundaries, as well as staking out fence lines, if necessary.

Basic Survey

• Cadastral Survey
• GPS, RTK, DGPS Survey
• Final Location Survey
• Contour Survey
• Drawing Digitization
• Construction Survey

• Pipeline Survey
• Topographical Survey
• Land Survey
• Other Services
• Road Survey
• Railway Survey

• Airport Road Survey
• Dam Survey
• Bridge Survey
• Hill Survey
• River Survey
• Engineering Survey

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